I came across the need to make updates to a sharepoint site that held over 30 different site collections. Adding a term, deleting a term,

I came across an issue where a site wanted all users to be forced to https from http. I decided rather than trying to do

In my search to exclude categories in wordpress, there wasn’t a clear code snippet that was easy to adjust. I thought I would add this

error on line 1 at column 6: XML declaration allowed only at the start of the document Sound familiar? If you’re having issues with your

A question came to my blog the other day regarding Indesign’s scripting.The question was:¬†How do I select a certain number of records before doing a

If your tabs are mysteriously disappearing after a recent upgrade to Sharepoint 2013, you might be wondering why. If so, you are in luck because

While doing development on a Sharepoint 2013 enterprise page, I noticed that the theme did not have the breadcrumb option by default on document library

Validating input based on an array collection can be very useful. It’s a great way to limit the user’s ability to insert invalid input. This

The Korg NanoKey 2 is a great keyboard for the traveling musician. It features 2 octaves of keys and acts as a midi controller through

Say what you will about Apple’s new earpods. They may not be the best sound you can get, but they certainly  aren’t the worst either.

iOS has some incredible music capabilities. It’s the one area that I think it excels over android and blackberry. The fact that you can connect

Iron Maiden is back ladies and gentleman, and this time they’re bringing their own beer with them. Alongside Robinsons they’ve brewed their own ale. It’s