I’ve always wanted to have the chance to design my own studio room. Getting proper low noise acoustics can be tough. Well, I finally had

I have to admit, Google has done some great things with Android. I’ve been a long time fan of google, but an even longer fan

I’m an avid fan of reading tech articles. They keep me up to date, and help generate new ideas in my web design. The trend

SEO can be a very complicated process in order to get the best results. There are many SEO factors to think about. (Here is another

Some of you may be XBox fans. If you are an XBox fan you’ve probably heard of Kinect. It’s an add-on that allows you to

The wordpress “Groups” plug-in by itthinx is a great wordpress addition. It allows you to assign users to groups and give them certain permissions and viewing based

I upgraded my WordPress page to 3.5 yesterday using the automatic upgrade option. It seemed to work great until I went to post something. For

Have you ever wanted a connection between your iOS audio apps that allows you to use a synth app within other audio apps? Audiobus is

One of my favorite things to do with my iDevices (iPhone, iPad) is to use them for musical creation. IKMultimedia makes some great tools to work

Implementing a javascript timer is useful for a number of reasons. For example, we could build an action that pops up a new image every

For those of you who are new to web design, you might be wondering how to use decorated or scripted fonts in a quick and

iRig MicCast is a great new tool that makes live performance recording a cinch. I recently purchased the MicCast (mainly due to an overabundance of