I designed this print advertisement for Safety National’s Man of the Year award given to Ira Goldstein. It’s a simple

I designed this poster for the Project Peanut Butter Luncheon at SLUH. The Project Peanut Butter Foundation focuses on feeding

I designed the Safety National “Driven to Excess” band t-shirt for their 2012 United Way Corporate Battle of the Bands.

I designed the layout for ITW Dymon’s Wind Brochure. It had a focus on green energy and the types of

I handled illustration and graphical layout for this Hubbell Wind Poster. It detail’s the various pieces that Hubbell makes for

I designed this Bottle neck hanger for Capital Brewery. It was placed on 6-packs as a special promotion. It featured

I conceptually came up with this illustration for the St. Louis Symphony playing at the Butterfly House. It combined music

For this project I was commissioned to illustrate a coat of arms joining two families into one. It’s purpose was

I designed this layout while doing freelance for Find Magazine. It features a destructed look to add to the content’s

I designed this brochure for the Hard Assets Investment Conference. It displayed details for the conferences speakers as well as

This design was for Art Business News Magazine. It advertised educational seminars in the Art & Framing Industry. It has