I designed this print advertisement for Safety National’s Man of the Year award given to Ira Goldstein. It’s a simple

I designed this poster for the Project Peanut Butter Luncheon at SLUH. The Project Peanut Butter Foundation focuses on feeding

I designed the Safety National “Driven to Excess” band t-shirt for their 2012 United Way Corporate Battle of the Bands.

I designed the layout for ITW Dymon’s Wind Brochure. It had a focus on green energy and the types of

I handled illustration and graphical layout for this Hubbell Wind Poster. It detail’s the various pieces that Hubbell makes for

I designed this Bottle neck hanger for Capital Brewery. It was placed on 6-packs as a special promotion. It featured

I conceptually came up with this illustration for the St. Louis Symphony playing at the Butterfly House. It combined music

For this project I was commissioned to illustrate a coat of arms joining two families into one. It’s purpose was

I designed this layout while doing freelance for Find Magazine. It features a destructed look to add to the content’s

I designed this brochure for the Hard Assets Investment Conference. It displayed details for the conferences speakers as well as