ctgSlider – jQuery Slider / Carousel

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Then your javascript linking, within the head tag looks like:

Next call the slider function within a jQuery doc ready statement (supports multiple instances):

$().ready(function() {  $('#ctgslider').ctgslider({  'timelength':4000,    'showbuttons': 'Y',   'minibuttons':'Y',    'minibuttonopacity': .65,    'centerbuttons': 'Y',    'alignrightnextbutton' : 'Y',  'btnoffset':5 ,  'effects':'fast',  'captioneffects':'explode',  'captionclass':'.Caption',   'usenumbers':'Y',  'minibtnimagesrc':'images/star.png',  'usecaptions':'Y'  }); 

$('#ctgslider2').ctgslider({ 'timelength':6000, 'showbuttons': 'Y', 'minibuttons':'Y', 'minibuttonopacity': .2, 'centerbuttons': 'N', 'alignrightnextbutton' : 'N', 'effects': 'fold',  'captioneffects':'explode' }); });

Options are as follows:

Css can be adjusted as needed within ctgslider.css. This includes slider size, placement of the mini buttons, Previous and Next Button Graphics, etc.


I’ve tested it in multiple browsers and it currently works fine on:

Using with WordPress

If you are using this slider with WordPress, the jQuery UI script will have to be included in this manner:

If you have questions, or feature requests, please let me know.

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